Pulsewave NYC: DEVIL’S NIGHT | 10.29.2011

October 19, 2011 4:03 pm by jenn

Devil’s Night returns, kiddees. Get ready for our famous Halloween open mic where you must dress up as the artist you are covering! The winner will be determined by audience vote and the prize is an opening slot at an upcoming Pulsewave…and GLORY! Best costume of the night also gets a prize! Award presented by last year’s winner, Tony Ness who covered the Wu-Tang Clan! Join us at 8pm for a volunteer family meeting to talk about the future of Pulsewave! All ages, $10 at the door.

Saturday, 10.29.2011 at Tada! Youth Theater (15 W 28th Street). Doors at 8pm with volunteer meeting, open mic at 8:30pm.

Get ready for a special night of spooky choons and smoke machines with….

▁▂▂▃▆ 8GB

8GB is an audiovisual project developed in 2004 as a natural flow of Akira’s activities both visual and musical, and his fixation with old computer hardware utilized in modern working environments. House, electro, breakbeat and techno usually flirt with dubstep and latin vibes, on energetic livesets that include powerful stage energy and visual feedback thanks to the set’s super synchronized live visuals.

Having performed in the most varied events around half of the planet, 8GB “mixes the high frequency beeps of old computers with a good hiphop beat, minimal techno or hard house music that Dave Clarke would probably enjoy, with demonic beats sometimes almost equal to those of The Prodigy” (3VOOR12, Holland music press). More info:

▁▂▂▃▆ Roxy ChipMusic (Natty, PopSTAR, Corset Lore, glomag)

Nathaniel Adams is a writer, suit designer at Doyle Mueser Bespoke, and musical dilettante. He has attempted to make chip music for the past six years, and after touring Europe and the East Coast of the U.S., releasing several albums and EPs, and playing Pulsewave and 8Static at least once each year, he is proud to be known for wearing a necktie.

After spending a good portion of his life studying piano and wasting time playing video games, PopSTAR is thrilled that he’s found a legitimate way to combine the two. He works almost exclusively with LSDJ and hopes to share his dynamic chipmusic with the world.

Corset Lore, who fancies electric toothbrushes to guitar plectra most of the time is an agent of improvised ambience. She performs with rahrahree!, tū, Frogwell, foci + loci and solo under the moniker “Tamara Yadao”.

Pulled momentarily out of semi-chiptirement, glomag hails from the first wave of chip musicians in NYC and has performed his eclectic pop songs and high energy instrumentals on two game boys around the world.

▁▂▂▃▆ heavyw8bit as NoFX

Heavyw8bit is a retired wrestler and developer of the NESK-1 & BEATBOX cartriges for the NES. His work has been featured at places such as the Queens Museum of Art, Philadelphia’s TooManyGames Expo, and

▁▂▂▃▆ Visuals by Chromacle

Chromacle is the pseudonym by which Jake Beadenkopf makes and performs live visual compositions created with Quartz Composer and a lack of respect for the processes of his computer. Taking advantage of modern glitches as well as a stark digital aesthetic, Chromacle’s visuals will please the senses and confuse all logic.

▁▂▂▃▆ THIS JUST IN! We get to snack on Brooklyn Salsa! ▆▃▂▂▁
The Brooklyn Salsa Company was born in the early spring of 2008 when Rob and Matt decided to do battle with the stale flavors of American condiments. They redesigned their loft kitchen, cooked up a storm, got on their bikes and delivered homemade, organic tacos with just five options – Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, The Bronx, or Brooklyn. It was a grassroots promotion that led to excited whispers across New York City, tons of new friends, and the new flavor necessary to move forward with the five greatest salsas in the history of the world. With a clear vision of the future, as much revolution as modern, sustainable practice, BK Salsa is moving day by day towards epic change. We currently build our Sauces from as many Direct Trade, Local, Organic ingredients as we can get our hands on and as we grow up, our promise is to constantly be upgrading, giving back, pushing boundaries and exposing the voices and new methods we believe in.

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