PULSEWAVE NY _(┐「ε:)_♡ 04.26.2014

April 22, 2014 5:34 pm by jenn

We have this Pulsewave and the next left at Launchpad, let’s make them count!

$10.00 • All Ages • BYOB
Doors 8pm • Open mic 8:30pm (5 mins, plug n’ play plz)

Come on down to LaunchPad (721 Franklin, BK) to party with us. There will be an open mic so bring your best tracks to play at the open mic! (5 minute limit, setup time included)

Bred in the festering swamps of south Florida, Sean Monistat has risen to smash genre conventions or die trying. Composing punk rock and electronic music in equal measure, the release of Korg DS-10 in 2008 allowed him to combine his love for video games with his isolationist desire to wear headphones constantly and compose while others just listen. +LET’S DISINFECT!+ is the natural evolution of Monistat’s days playing dingy basements, woodland fire parties, and trailer raves. Performing his caustically attractive blend of horrorpunk, happy hardcore, and drum&bass , +LD!+ has grinded booties from KY to Kells. Every set unique, his Pulsewave debut will be a pants-off-dance-off for the ages.

CrapHazzard make beep boop music on Game Boys, modern computer’s and other odd platforms.

DJ & producer Decktonic started writing and releasing music after picking up a copy of the KORG DS10 synthesizer for Nintendo DS. Over time he expanded his focus, producing house, dubstep, techno and moombahton with Ableton Live. In the past few years Decktonic’s work has been released on multiple labels and he has also been featured on official remixes for Bright Primate, Auxcide, and the critically acclaimed FEZ soundtrack by Disasterpeace. Decktonic also produced an original song (with Anthony Seeha and the Japanese pop duo FUJIKOMATUNE) for the Namco Bandai anime WONDER MOMO, due to be released on an official soundtrack this year. Decktonic is constantly exploring his unique style of retro-inspired ‘dance music from the future,’ and he can’t wait to share it with you.

with visuals by Diy_destruction
Using pure data and a Raspberry Pi, he creates a visual environment that goes beyond clips from old horror movies and 1UP mushrooms.

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